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COVID-19 Information:

Updated: 02-08-2022

To Our Valued Guests:
We have always taken pride in our cleaning measures and continue to do so while enhancing our normal
practices. Below are some of the steps we are taking so that you can stay, have fun, and not worry!

  • Our cleaning solutions are safe and proven to kill COVID-19.
  • You will notice hand sanitizing stations located all throughout the Village for your convenience.
  • Our staff members will not enter your space during your stay. Upon request, we will be more than happy to deliver fresh linens, towels, and amenities to your doorstep and collect used items as well.
  • With 18 unique rooms scattered throughout the Village, we are naturally able to practice social distancing. However, despite having multiple entrances, you may notice fellow Inn guests in the common areas of the Kurtz House and Inn during your stay.  We ask that you respect the safety of your neighboring guests during your visit.

We are sorry to say that the Kling House Restaurant remains closed.

We cannot thank you enough for the kindness, understanding, and support you have shown us from the very start of this. We wish you nothing but the best and anxiously await your next stay!

Joanne Ladley (Owner)